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About Symva

The one big reason to choose us
(plus a million more)

At Symva Coffee, we use coffee to help tackle some of the world’s biggest problems. This is evident in how we grow, handle and deliver it to you – as well as what we do with the money after.

In practice, it’s simple. First, we make sure our products and processes are ultra-sustainable and low on carbon. Second, we donate 1% of our sales to Work for Good to boost our planet-saving. It’s our local way of supporting a global cause: helping preserve wilderness and lowering the human impact on the environment with the World Wide Fund for Nature.

Happy coffee powered by a happy
English-Colombian family

Thanks to our Colombian genes, we love to prepare and drink coffee every day. We love it so much that in 2014 we started sharing it with the world too. Today we continue producing and exporting it from Colombia to all over.

Half of our family is in Colombia, planting and growing, at high altitudes, Rainforest Alliance certified gourmet coffee. We also work directly with small farmers to help local industries thrive by paying fair-trade sustainable prices.

The other half is in England, taking care of the rest.

We’re green, like a ripe coffee bean

The planet is generously giving us such rich soils for our coffee to grow in. So, at Symva Coffee, we make sure to take good care of it in return. We do this by cutting down our coffee’s environmental footprint, every step of the way. Here’s how.

Our coffee: as sustainable as it gets

That’s coffee that’s been grown, harvested, processed, stored and distributed respecting human and the planet’s rights.

Our packaging: 100% recycled, 100% recyclable

Packaging helps protect the coffee on its way from roastery to cup. It allows for safe transportation, preserves flavours and aromas, keeps it longer on the shelf and, if processed correctly, reduces waste.

No wonder then that our bags are made entirely from PET/PE plastic that has been recycled and can be recycled over and over. We’re working with Swiss Pack to make sure of this.

Our roasting: kind with the planet, tough on carbon

To lower our carbon emissions, we use an ecological coffee roasting machine with a fancy name: the Ghibli R15. It’s famous for its low emission and air pollution rates and ultra-low nitrogen oxides specifications that meet the strictest pollution standards. Watch out, carbon!

Our delivery: quick, pocket-friendly and often on a bike

For orders in Brighton & Hove, we partner with Zedify, a sustainable delivery service, to get you fresh coffee on the day for free.

To the rest of the UK, we send parcels with Royal Mail free of charge, or with DPD for faster deliveries. You can pick which one you prefer at checkout.

Becoming a WFG member means we pledge to donate 1% of our revenue (not profits) to WFG organizations whose focus is to tackle the impact of climate change head-on.