Frecuent Questions

How long does the coffee last?

We suggest you drink the coffee within 3 weeks from the roast date on the bag. As a fresh product, coffee loses its flavour over time but it doesn't have a "best before date" ..technically.

How should I store my coffee?

Keep your coffee tasting great by storing it at room temperature in an airtight container.If we're getting scientific about it, freezing coffee can be a very effective means for storing your beans or ground coffee without compromising quality, but only ifyou make sure that it is packed in a completely moisture free environment. If you don't have a vac-pack machine, we don't recommend you try this at home.

How does ordering online work?

We roast our coffees in small batches to make sure you get the best tasting coffee delivered to your door. Orders placed before 6am (Mon-Fri) are packed and dispatched on the same day. Orders placed after 8am will be dispatched the next working day (i.e. orders placed after 8am Friday will be dispatched Monday).

When will my coffee arrive?

We use the Royal Mail service as the main delivery option on all our UK orders. Although we cannot guarantee next day delivery, we find the service highly reliable with delays few and far between resulting in no more than a seven working day wait.

All UK orders shipped with DPD are for next (working) day delivery. Although we cannot guarantee next day delivery, we find these usually arrive within three working days. Please note DPD does not deliver on Saturdays.

Why do you sell 350g bags?

We think that 250g is too little to really get to know and familiarise yourself with a coffee, especially in the case of espresso, we identified 350g as our ideal ratio. Not too little, not too much, we rounded it up to from 341g to 350g for an even metric.

Why do you only sell whole beans and not ground?

Once ground, coffee very quickly loses flavour and most of what we love about it. Grind- size is equally important in how your coffee extracts and tastes. To make sure you get the tastiest cup out of your preferred brew method, we ship whole beans.

100% Arabica?

All of our coffees are Arabica. Arabica beans, as opposed to Robusta, can only be classed as specialty coffee, which is why we only offer Arabica!

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What Is Direct Trade?

Direct Trade means working directly with farmers and enables us to cut out unnecessary steps in the supply chain.

As a result, we are able to pay farmers a premium price for a premium product – on average 65% above the Fairtrade base rate. It also means we can forge long-term relationships with farmers of 9+ origins, offering them greater financial stability and allowing us to address social and economic issues at source.

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